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Evolve IP June Deep Dive

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Over the years, Evolve IP has gotten a lot of press. From our fans, we're known as the guys that will triple your income and enable you to turn a$10K account into a $30K account. From our competitors, we've been described as "jack of all trades and a master none". Whichever camp you sit in is not really important - what's important to understand is that the world has changed and the things that made you money pre-COVID are NOT the things that will keep you successful post-COVID. A major difference in our New Normal is that you have to embrace those technologies that you may not be comfortable with and by that, the real opportunity is Cloud Computing. 

Evolve IP's Deep Dive is designed to provide you a comprehensive overview of our three enterprise solutions that enable employees to Work Anywhere: Digital Workspaces, which is comprised of Access Management (SSO/MFA), Virtual Desktops and Hosted Applications, Microsoft Teams with Cisco Voice, and Contact Center for Teams deployments.


Shane Shapiro